Training and maintenance


How to deal with the different clock systems in SWATH software ?

Different motion sensors provide their time stamps in different clock systems such as GPS time, UTC [Coordinated Universal Time also called GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or Zulu time] and TIA [Temps Atomique International].


You can set the time system that is used in Swath using "Configuration > Sensor Parameters > Attitude Sensor Corrections".

How can we protect the transducers against marine growth?

Polyurethane (PU) over-moulding on the transducer does have anti-fouling compound added (upto a certain limit so that it does not affect acoustic performance). If the transducer(s) are supposed to stay in the water for a long duration (i.e. Bathyswath-Static) then the end-user can add if needed an ordinary marine anti-fouling paint (There is no prefered or recommended brand). First, clean the surface of the transducer with a soft brush (e.g. a nail brush) and washing-up liquid. Then, paint on the thinnest layer possible.