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I can't get Bathyswath to connect to Hypack any more

Some users have reported that they have had Bathyswath Swath Processor to Hypack 2104 with no problems, but when they connect Swath Processor to Hypack 2015, the connection doesn't work.

We worked with Hypack to find the problem, and a fix was released in version 15.0.22 of Hysweep, but not until around September 2015. So if you are using Hypack 2015, there is a good chance that you will need to update Hysweep the the latest version that your Hysweep license allows.


To set up Swath Processor (Swath) to send data to Hypack

How do I apply the July 2015 GPS leap second?

A leap second was added to UTC time at midnight GMT 30 June 2015. If you need to apply UTC time offsets in your Bathyswath or SWATHplus system, you will need to modify the UTC offset in the software, as shown below. Only some motion sensors and position systems need the UTC offset, and if you are using "PC time" for time-aligning data in Swath Processor, you don't need to worry about the leap second.

Using attitude and position data when using third-party software

How should the attitude and position data should be connected when using third-party software, such as QINSy or Hypack? The Bathyswath Swath Processor program ("Swath") is used to connect to the Bathyswath hardware, and it performs initial processing and filtering of the data.

As usual, there are several ways of doing this, including:

Are old Bathyswath or SWATHplus software versions compatible with Windows 7 ?

Yes all versions of Bathyswath or SWATHplus software versions are compatible with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits), even if the literature provided at the time of the purchase states that the system can only be used with windows XP, 2000 and Vista. As with Windows Vista, it is essential to turn of UAC (user access controls), this is done through the user section of the control panel.