Bathyswath software installation

Files Required

Installing the Software

Installing the Drivers

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This page describes how to install the SWATHplus software and hardware.
The software drivers operate under Windows7 (32bit), Vista (32bit), XP, and 2000. The drivers will operate under 64-bit versions of Windows7 and Vista, though the hardware will be listed as generic ‘USB Serial Converter’ devices rather than ‘SWATHplus USB TEM’ in Windows Device Manager. The system is not currently tested with other operating systems.

The software can be installed without the hardware, for example for post-processing. In this case, just follow the instructions under ‘Installing the Software’.

Files Required


Bathyswath.msi                The Bathyswath installer package

Device Drivers

These files are loaded to disk during installation of the Bathyswath software. They can be found under ‘\Drivers’ in the main Bathyswath installation folder (by default, C:\Program Files\ Bathyswath\Bathyswath’ or ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\ Bathyswath\Bathyswath’ on a 64bit machine).

Windows XP,  2000, Vista and Windows7 (32 bit):

  • TEM Drivers\i386\FTD2XX.dll        Runtime library for FTDI USB chipset
  • TEM Drivers\i386\FTDIBUS.sys        FTDI USB chipset driver
  • TEM Drivers \FTDIbus for TEM i386.inf    FTDI USB chipset installation parameter file
  • Misc Dlls\gdiplus.dll                GDI graphics driver

Windows Vista and Windows7 (64bit):

  • TEM Drivers\amd64\FTD2XX64.dll        Runtime library for FTDI USB chipset
  • TEM Drivers\amd64\FTDIBUS.sys        FTDI USB chipset driver
  • TEM Drivers\FTDIbus for TEM X64.inf    FTDI USB chipset installation parameter file
  • Misc Dlls\gdiplus.dll                GDI graphics driver

Installing the Software

Install Bathyswath software:
1.    Run the installation file (‘Bathyswath.msi’) by double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer
2.    Select a location for the Bathyswath files. The default is “C:\Program Files\Bathyswath\Bathyswath”
3.    Let the installation complete

Installing the Drivers

The drivers are only needed if using the Bathyswath hardware. If the software is to be used without the hardware, for example for post-processing or viewing data, this step can be omitted. Any warning messages about missing drivers can be ignored, or prevented by setting the "hardwareFitted" flag in the swath processor initiation file to zero:

sonar hardwareFitted                0

There are two alternative ways to install the drivers:
1.    Connect the USB TEMs, and let Windows install the driver. See ‘Installing Drivers from Hardware Detection’ below. This is the default method when SEA hardware is fitted to a system.
2.    Navigate to the location where the Bathyswath system is installed, and then to ‘Drivers\FTDI drivers’. For 32-bit systems, find the file ‘FTDIbus for TEM i386.inf’, right-click on it, and select ‘Install’. For 64-bit systems, instead use ‘FTDIbus for TEM x64.inf’

Installing Drivers from Hardware Detection

Note: the instructions below should be followed exactly. The Bathyswath drivers are not fully "plug and play", so some installation methods that may be suggested by the Windows installation applications may not work with these drivers.

  • Connect the Bathyswath TIU to the computer using the USB lead(s) provided. On some systems, the installation steps will need to be repeated for each TEM channel in the TIU which may vary from two to six depending on the variant.
  • Open Windows Device Manager from the Control Panel or by running ‘devmgmt.msc’ from the Start Menu Run command. The Bathyswath TEMs will be listed under ‘Other Devices’.Right-click each of the TEMs in turn to bring up the Properties dialog and select ‘Update Driver’.
  • From the following dialog, select the ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers’ option.
  • Select the ‘Have Disk…’ button.
  • From the ‘Install from Disk’ dialog select ‘Browse…’ and locate ‘FTDIbus for TEM i386.inf’ for 32bit, or ‘FTDIbus for TEM x64.inf’ for 64bit systems. The default location for these files is “C:\Program Files\Bathyswath\Bathyswath”\Drivers\TEM Drivers\”.
  • For 32bit systems select ‘SWATHplus USB TEM’ and hit ‘Next’.
    For 64bit systems select ‘USB Serial Converter’.
  • If you receive an Update Driver Warning, select ‘Yes’ to proceed.
  • If prompted, select ‘Install’ from the Windows Security dialog.
  • For 32bit systems, the TEM will be re-listed in Device Manager under ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ as a SWATHplus USB TEM.
    For 64bit systems, the TEM will appear as a generic USB Serial Converter.
  • If any devices appear as ‘USB Serial Port’ under Other devices, right-click on the newly added ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ entries to open the device properties, and with the ‘Advanced’ tab, uncheck the ‘Use VCP’ (virtual com port) option and click apply. The ‘USB Serial Port’ devices should then disappear.
  • The TEMs will now be detected when Bathyswath Swath Processor is started.