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Fully integrated survey package

We can deliver a complete Bathyswath-2 survey package for less than 150 kEUR or 106 kGBP, it includes:

  • 1 x Bathyswath-2 sonar system (2 transducers)
  • 1 x PicoMBES Multibeam gapfiller
  • 1 x miniSVS integrated Sound Velocity Sensor
  • 1 x Ekinox-E integrated Inertial Navigation System
  • 1 x L1/L2/Glonass Hemisphere H320 GNSS receiver & compass module
  • 1 x bow mounting kit


Bathyswath-2 system only

We can deliver a Bathyswath-2 system with 2 transducers for less than 55 kGBP

Ancillary devices and software

We can propose the following ancillary devices and software at the official retail price: