Support Contract Pages

Bathyswath Support Contract Pages

Users who are on a support contract can access the Bathyswath Support pages. Click here to access the site.

These contain:

  • Software updates, posted regularly
  • User discussion forums
  • Software drivers
  • Other special documentation

You will need a log-in and password to access this site. Contact the ITER Systems support team if you don't already have those.

If you are not currently covered by a support contract, contact ITER Systems or your local agent to get a quotation for a yearly support contract.

New Bathyswath customers have a support contract included for the first year as part of the system sales price.

Using the Support Pages

Logging In

If you have a valid support contract (this is provided free of charge in the first year after buying a Bathyswath system), then you will be given a login name and a password. In your web browser, go to the Bathyswath User Support web pages and enter them in the login page. Your login rights will remain valid for the period of the support contract.







Getting the Latest Software

The ITER Systems team uploads the latest software release to the support web page whenever a new release is available. To get it:

  • Log in to the Bathyswath User Support pages as instructed above
  • Select the Bathyswath Support project in the Projects tab
  • Click on the Files section in the bar on the left of the screen …
  • … or File Releases in the Public Areas section of the project page
  • Find Bathyswath Software in the Package Releases page, and click the .msi installer appropriate to your computer (x64 for 64-bit, x86 for 32-bit).
  • Agree the download agreement page
  • Use the file-saving tool of your web browser to save the .msi install file (this is different for each web browser)
  • When the file has downloaded, find it, and double-click on it to install the Bathyswath software.

Get Notifications of New Software

You can get email notification when new Bathyswath software is available. To do this:

  • Follow steps 1-5 above to find the Package Releases page
  • Click on the small “bell” icon next to Bathyswath Software
  • Choose an option for monitoring the software, and click Apply

Using Forums

You can use the Forums section to discuss ideas for using Bathyswath with the ITER Systems team and with other Bathyswath users. Click on Open Discussion to enter that forum. Feel free to answer ongoing discussion threads, or to start a new thread.

Using Documents

The Documents section contains documents that may be of use to you. However, most of the Bathyswath technical documentation is on the Publications section of the Bathyswath website, or included with the Bathyswath software.

Using the WiKi

We will add Wiki-based technical documents to the Wiki section.

Using News

News about Bathyswath and ITER Systems will appear in the News section.