ITER systems and Bathyswath



The historical context

Around 1985, research at Bath University showed that interferometric swath bathymetry is a practical way of measuring seabed depth. A spin-off company (Bathymetrics) was launched to exploit this, and Bathyscan (1987), was possibly the world’s first commercially-available interferometric swath sonar system. Bathymetrics became Submetrix, and produced ISIS 300, then ISIS 100, and Submetrix 2000. The technology was then acquired by Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd. (SEA) and the system was renamed SWATHplus.

In August 2012, ITER took over SWATHplus activity and renamed the systems as Bathyswath. In November 2013 a dedicated company, ITER Systems, was specifically created for the manufacturing and the marketing of Bathyswath systems



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