Bathyswath hardware installation

Bathyswath Parts

Bathyswath has been designed to be utilised on a variety of inshore survey craft. The systems are capable of being deployed permanently on dedicated survey vessels, or vessels of opportunity, such as fishing vessels and harbour master’s launches. There are several distinct methods of mounting the transducers and the attitude sensor:

  • Hull mounted transducers, remote attitude sensor
  • Bow mounted pole mount, attitude sensor alongside transducers
  • Over-the-side pole mount, attitude sensor alongside transducers
  • Buoy mount

In all cases, the Bathyswath electronics and the computer are installed within the survey vessel’s hull and super-structure. Bathyswath can also be installed on remote vehicles, such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), unmanned or autonomous underwater vehicles (UUVs or AUVs) and autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs). Installation on such vehicles usually requires interfacing and installation design specific to each vehicle. Bathyswath can provide detailed advice on request.

Bathyswath systems are made up from standard and optional parts.

Installation Tasks