Does Bathyswath provide roll and pitch beam steering?

Some multibeam systems offer beam steering (beamsteering) in roll and pitch to make sure that the beam footprint is always regular and stable when the ship moves. Does Bathyswath have that capability?

Interferometers don't need roll beam steering.
A problem with some beam-steering multibeams is that the beams are formed in fixed directions relative to the ship, so when the ship rolls from side to side, then the area of seabed that is covered by the beams also moves from side to side. That means that survey lines have to be run closer together to make sure that the edges join up. Some beam-forming systems have the ability to adjust the angles at which the beams are formed, by reading in roll from a motion sensor in real time, so that the beams always point in the same direction relative to vertical. This is called roll beam steering.
Interferometric systems, like Bathyswath, measure the angle of the incoming wavefronts of the back-scattered sound signal directly: they don't form beams relative to the ship. The edge of the swath is determined by the range at which not enough sound signal is back-scattered to the transducers, not by any angle relative to the ship. So, the swath stays parallel to the ship's track, and there is no need to steer the beam.

The footprint of each ping on the seabed also moves forwards and backwards when the ship pitches. So, some beam-forming systems also adjust the fore-and-aft direction the transmitted beam to keep the pings at a regular interval along the seabed. This effect is most noticable in deeper water, below about 200m water depth, where the fore-aft shift of the ping footprint with a typical pitch angle becomes large compared to the distance between pings, which is determined by the speed of the ship over the ground and the ping interval. Bathyswath is typically used in shallower depths, where the advantages of interferometers (wide swath angle and sidescan imagery) are more useful. Pitch steering is not worth the extra cost and complexity in these depths.

Although Bathyswath does not require roll and pitch beam steering to keep the swath parallel to the ship's track and to keep the ping footprints at a regular spacing along-track, it is still essential that the depth measurements are corrected for ship motion with a good-quality motion sensor.