Bathyswath-2-STD system is our standard version, it consists of:

  • The Deck Unit (DU) in painted and anodized aluminum. It is IP66 and includes the sounder electronics for 1, 2 or 3 transducers
  • One, two or three transducers (117, 234 or 468 kHz choice)
  • One, two or three cable extensions for the transducers (5, 10, 15 or 20m standard, more on request)
  • A V-bracket (small V-bracket by default, it is only compatible with 234 and 468 kHz transducers; the big V-bracket is a necessary option for 117 kHz transducers or if you want to install, underwater between the transducers, a motion sensor and/or a sound velocity sensor)

To complete the bathymetric "package", you will also need the following ancillary devices:

  • A GNSS receiver
    • Double antenna for the heading value and PPS for the GPS time
    • RTK (Rover) or satellite correction services (Omnistar, Atlas, etc.) or GSM for centimetric position
  • A sound velocity profiler and ideally, a sound velocity sensor near the transducers
  • A motion sensor for heave, pitch and roll