Bathyswath-2-UW (left) and Bathyswath-2-STD (right)

UW: Underwater & STD: Standard

Bathyswath-2-STD image shows the IP67 Deck Unit (DU), a 234 kHz transducer (bottom with a pen as size reference) and a 468 kHz transducer (top)


Bathyswath is also available as a kit of parts for installation in clients' own systems: Bathyswath-2-OEM



Technical Information Document  


Bathyswath is a comprehensive bathymetric & seabed mapping survey system, derived from the established & respected SWATHplus system, which became Bathyswath 1. Bathyswath 2 is the latest generation of our bathymetric systems.

You will not find lower prices for a similar quality (IHO standards compliant, bathymetry and sidescan).

  • Bathyswath uses wide swath widths, this increases survey speeds significantly, especially in shallow water.
  • It has 3 frequencies: 1 1 7, 234 or 468 kHz to be used respectively up to 350, 200 & 80m of water depth.
  • The US Geological Survey (USGS) said: “Operating swath of the bathymetric system ranged from 15 to 20 times water depth in in depths less than 15m”.


Bathyswath-2 is available in three package options:

  • Bathyswath-2-STD: the standard version, with the electronics in a robust and splash-proof Deck Unit
  • Bathyswath-2-UW: the underwater version, with the electronics, motion sensor and sound velocity sensor fitted in a pressure-rated bottle, and with transducers fitted to the outside
  • Bathyswath-2-OEM: the electronics, transducers and other parts supplied in a kit for clients to install in their own systems


  Bathyswath-2-STD Bathyswath-2-UW Bathyswath-2-OEM
  Standard Underwater Original Equipment Manufacturer
Transducers 1 to 3 1 to 2 1 to 3
Transducer extension cables 1 to 3 option option
Transducer mounting bracket Yes Yes option
Transducer Interface Unit      
IP 67 Deck Unit [DU] or
Yes No No
Subsea Unit [SU]
No Yes No

Bare boards

No No Yes
Ekinox-E Inertial Navigation System [INS] option option option
MiniSVS Sound Velocity Sensor (SVS) option option option
Umbilical cable No Yes No
Spider cable (Connections to PC & Power) Yes Yes option
Bathyswath software (data acquisition, processing & 3D visualisation; unlimited licenses) Yes Yes Yes
Rugged transit cases Yes Yes No
12 month return-to-base warranty Yes Yes Yes
PicoMBES gapfiller Sonar option option option



Bathyswath is compatible with most GNSS, INS, SVS devices but these are the ones proposed for our integrated package.

Ekinox-E INS
• MEMS technology, ITAR free, Kalman filter
• Pitch & Roll: 0.05° RMS
• Heading: 0.05° RMS with Dual Antenna GPS
• 3 axis gyroscopes (Range: 300°/s),
• 3 axis accelerometers (Range: 5g)
• 3 axis magnetometers (Range: 6 Gauss)

PicoMBES - MultiBeam
• 42° swath sector
• Beam width: 1° x 1°, 64 beams @ 0.7°
• Resolution: 2cm, 5ms pulse length
• 500 kHz
• Range: 120m max.


miniSVS - OEM
• 25mm path length
• Resolution 0.001m/s
• Range: 1 375-1 900m/s



Bathyswath data acquisition and processing software is included in system price but you can also interface to 3rd party software systems such as QINSy, SonarWiz, CARIS, Hypack, Fledermaus, Starfix and PDS2000.


The Bathyswath software runs on Windows. Real-time data acquisition software is also available for Linux, and other operating systems on request.



We can supply a range of mounting kits to help fit the Bathyswath transducers to clients' vessels.

Various types of mounts are are available. For example, a side-mount kit for small survey vessels, or mounting it for installation on RIBs. Note: Bathyswath system is supplied with a V-bracket for 2 or 3 transducers.

Side Mounting Kit (for RIBS)                                          

Side Mounting Kit                                                                                 Mounting Kit for RIBs



117 kHz
234 kHz
468 kHz
Operational slant range (m)
Maximum slant range (m)
Minimum depth (m)
Measurement resolution limit (mm)
Resolution detection limit
Across track resolution (cm)
Beam width, azimuth (2-way)
Transmit pulse length (µs)
17 to 8500
8.5 to 4300
4.3 to 2100
Deck unit dimensions (mm) 256 x 145 x 145 256 x 145 x 145 256 x 145 x 145
Transducer dimensions (mm) 550 x 200 x 70 340 x 100 x 55 230 x 60 x 40
Transducer weight in air (kg) 8.6 5 1
Transducer weight in water (kg) 1.3 0.8 0.1
Max. cable length (m) >50 >50 >50



Bathyswath-2 234 kHz Transducer

Bathyswath-2 468 kHz Transducer


Technical Information Document